True Story

In my day job I am a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service. I am also a parent. As a parent I tried to teach my children how to be safe in this world. I used every opportunity to dispense my words of wisdom as my children grew. We’ve all said things to our children like “Put that down, you’ll put your eye out” or “Don’t go in the street, you’ll get run over.” We say these things without realizing how our children might be interpreting what we said. I recently had an encounter that brought that home to me.

I was delivering mail to an apartment complex. This apartment was about one block away from a busy main street. You know the type, two lanes each direction and one center turn lane. Across the street was a bakery outlet store. My mail truck was parked directly behind me.

The apartment had a bank of mailboxes located in the parking lot. I had a bank of mailboxes open and was putting mail in when I saw this little girl approaching me. She was maybe 3 and a half or four years old. She walked up to me and punched me in the leg. When I looked down she pointed her little finger up at me and said, “Mommy and me are walking to the bread store. Don’t run us over.” I broke out laughing and promised her that I wouldn’t.

And no, she wasn’t wearing headphones.